Truly Green Farms/Cedarline Greenhouses Recruiting Data Privacy Statement

You must agree to the following statement before you may submit a resume, candidate profile or other information using this recruiting web site. If you submit any data or information, you will be giving your permission for Truly Green/Cedarline (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) to use your information, including all personal information, as set out below.

This statement relates only to information you submit to the Company in this (recruiting) section of its web site.


You must be at least 18 years of age to submit any information to the Company.

Information collected by the Company is administered by the Human Resources Department at Truly Green/Cedarline.

The Company collects and saves in a database located in Canada all of the information, including personal information, you provide to it. It uses this information to identify candidates for positions at Truly Green/Cedarline. It may provide the information to its affiliates. It may also provide the information to federal, provincial, local or other government agencies that have jurisdiction over matters related to employment. The Company does not provide the information it collects to other third parties unless it is required to do so by a valid court order, governmental agency order or information request, or unless it has a legitimate business purpose for doing so and the third party agrees to similar restrictions on disclosure and use of the information. If the Company employs you within any of its affiliates, it will retain this information and may use it and disclose it to others for personnel, administrative or other purposes related to your employment with a Truly Green/Cedarline company.


The Company is concerned about the security of personal information in its possession; therefore, it takes reasonable precautions to safeguard and secure the information it collects from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.


I have read, understand, and agree with the above and further acknowledge as follows:

I hereby consent, freely, unambiguously and irrevocably, to the transfer at any time of all information and data I provide to the Company to any of the parties identified above, including any Truly Green/Cedarline affiliate(s).

I agree that I will not sue or otherwise attempt to recover against any Truly Green/Cedarline affiliates based on any alleged violation of the terms above, and I agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify such affiliates against any such claim or suit, except to the extent that this provision is prohibited by applicable law.

If any part of this acknowledgement is found unlawful, void, or otherwise unenforceable, then that part will be deemed severed and the remaining parts will be valid.

For candidates submitting information for consideration in Canada:

·   I certify that the information included in this submission is true and complete to the best of my knowledge, without omission of any consequence. I agree that any misrepresentation, false statement, or omission, made by me with respect to the information contained in this submission shall be sufficient cause to terminate my employment. I agree that any other offer of employment, and acceptance thereof, does not constitute a binding contract of any length, and that such employment is terminable at the will of either party, subject to applicable provincial and/or federal laws. I also authorize you to solicit reports from previous employers, schools, personal and other references, and law enforcement agencies.

·   I understand that any offer of employment is conditioned upon the approval of management of the Truly Green/Cedarline organization in which employment may be offered and satisfactory reports from all references solicited.

I also recognize that I will be required to:

·   Produce original documents specified by the federal government establishing my identity and authorization for employment, Employment Eligibility Verification stating, under penalty of perjury, that documents presented are genuine and related to me.

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