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put people first
build sustainable greenhouses
grow through collaboration

About us

Collaboration has been a key component of our success in the greenhouse industry. The Truly Green story is about a collaboration developed with GreenField Global built on an environmentally sustainable business plan. As part of the processing of corn, waste heat is produced as well as CO2. Both of these waste streams are useful for a greenhouse operation. This collaboration was formed through a chance conversation in 2010 with GreenField Global at an agricultural trade show. The next couple of years was spent exploring how to utilize and link the two streams of waste heat and CO2. Heat is needed to maintain a constant environment to grow plants and CO2 to achieve optimum plant growth and production.

In 2012, Truly Green was born with plans to construct a 90-acre state of the art greenhouse operation devoted to grow tomatoes. Land was secured across the road from GreenField Global and engineered solutions were developed to deliver the waste streams to the greenhouse. Construction began in late 2012 with Phase 1 consisting of 22.5 acres. The first crop was planted on July 4th, 2013.

The CO2 connection was established in 2014 and the waste heat flowed in 2017. The growth of the company saw Phase 2 constructed in 2015, Phase 3 in 2018, and the final block of Phase 4 built in 2021. A total of 90 acres of production dedicated to growing tomato on the vine, cocktail tomatoes, and grape tomatoes. A 100% LED lighting system was installed in Phase 4 allowing Truly Green to produce tomatoes year-round during the winter months.

With all of the success that has occurred, we could not achieve it without a dedicated team of people. We will continue to search out new opportunities in the future as we aspire to be leaders in our industry.

Our Product is Produce, Our Passion is People

Employment Opportunities

Seeking General Farm Worker for the Greenhouse

Truly Green is currently seeking some energetic workers for our tomato greenhouse. This position will be full-time work. If you are interested, please send a resume today to don@trulygreenfarms.ca.

We are always looking for talented and reliable general labourers. If you have a passion for plants and enjoy working in a greenhouse environment, please send us your resume today.



Fresh Ontario Grown Produce

Phase 4 complete!

Truly Green Farms has completed the Phase 4 expansion in Chatham-Kent. The first 3 phases are successfully growing 67.5 acres of tomato varieties. Phase 4 expands another 22.5 acres of tomatoes. The ability of Truly Green Farms to use carbon dioxide and waste heat from GreenField Global creates a negative carbon footprint…thus Truly Green IS truly green. This is a WIN-WIN for everyone!



Why Chatham-Kent